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Thoughts on building people-friendly websites from the team at Dotvita, a Dallas-based web design firm with a deeply-rooted desire to help small businesses fight the odds and grow. To us, there's no better way to level the playing field than using our favorite medium–the web.

Tag: performance

Mobile sites are so 2007

Go back 5 years and imagine you’re a big company. You run a massive website and everything seems to be going well until you discover what the site looks like on your brand new smartphone. It’s impossible to read anything or access the heart of your website – the experience is painful. Now you hear […]

Patience is not a virtue

Speed. We all secretly crave it–whether your vice is fast cars, action movies or even fast food. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that people want their web browsing to be lightening fast too. It defies logic that in 2012 with fiber optic, cable or next gen wireless internet that there are any […]